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No one remembered who first said the woman was a witch. What is certain is that this was quickly transmitted by word of mouth, and in the end, the woman came before the judge. The rumors had ignited so much that everyone was afraid of her strength. She had chains…

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David Clark was the head of a private detective agency. He had scheduled a meeting with his detectives that morning at eleven o’clock. He wanted to discuss the status of an ongoing investigation. And to establish the next steps.

The agency had signed a contract with several associations in three…

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Mark, a police officer, was in the car with his wife Amanda, a graphic designer at a local newspaper. They were on their way to the holiday home they had bought for leisure.

Because their house was located on the shores of a lake, Mark had prepared everything he needed…

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The fishermen’s settlement seemed to be the last place until the end of the world. A pile of collapsed stone over the edge of the sea.

People were pulling poverty from the seashore to their homes and back. Or what was left of their homes that had been hit by…

Mihai Brinas

Mihai keeps on writing while still believing in the power of honesty, goodness, and love.

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